Wednesday, March 26, 2008

it's been a while...

so.... it's been a while since i last was on here and that is because i kinda forgot my password and which email i used to sign on. a lot has happened since i last blogged. but i'll just start with last week... last week was spring break and some friends from isntitute choir and i went to california. we went on the show "The Price is Right" it was fun although we didn't win anything. we were actually on a real TV show. that was pretty cool. then we went camping on the beach, that was a lot of fun. we (the girls) played a joke on the boys... we were gonna suranne wrap their tent but it was too loud and it almost woke them up so i took a peice of the suranne wrap that we had and tied thier zippers together so they couldn't get out, that was pretty fun. they worked on it for a while, but they got out (dangit). anyways, the next day we spent all day at the beach and then headed up to hollywood, and we walked around a little bit at night with all the lights and then we went back the next day and spend pretty much all day there looking at all the stars on the walk of fame etc. it was fun. and then we heade home. we had a good time. soo... that was my week last week. and now i am back at work and back at school and back to my busy life of school, work, church, family, friends, etc. speaking of family... Sarah should be having her baby anyday now, and i wish it would hurry up and get here. i think she's having a girl... i'll update you when it happens. as of now... good night.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

here i am home from pageant once again with nothing to do because, i just got home from my mission and all of my friends got married while i was gone, and i don't even have everyones phones numbers because i left and things change, so hopefully this next week i will have some things to do. i am so bored today. i hope i can find something to do tonight.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Hello everyone

hello everyone,
my sister Sarah told me that i should create a blog, and i like that idea. thank you Sarah. i just got home from being in the Hill Cumroah pageant. it was really neat to be able to do that. i had a really good time. it was a big testimony builder. i was able to see it last year with my family on my mission, but it is a totally different experience being part of the cast. i loved it. i had so much fun. but when it came time i really wanted to come home and be with my family. i missed them a lot because i was only homd ofr 6 weeks before i went back to be in the pageant. anyways, i will update more later.